Mark Hamill interview on set of Star Wars

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Star Wars Trailer: Derp Edition // by Slackatory

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Due to the limited budget the American cast members and crew (including director George Lucas), all decided to fly coach class to England, rather than first class. When Carrie Fisher's mother, Singin’ in the Rain star Debbie Reynolds, heard about this she called Lucas, complaining about how insulting it was for her daughter to be flying coach. Fisher was in the room with Lucas when he took the call, and after a few minutes asked if she could talk to her mother. When Lucas handed her the phone she simply said, “Mother, I want to fly coach, will you fuck off?!” and hung up (x).

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May the Fourth, everybody

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An AT-AT Among the Sierra Nevada - Created by Olivier Wetter

Happy Star Wars Day everyone.

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*the usual Luke/Leia incestual joke goes here*

Star Wars #4, October 1977
Howard Chaykin and Roy Thomas

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But they really do care.

But they really do care.

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