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The Empire Uncut Director’s Cut is LIVE!

We received almost 2,000 submissions for Empire Uncut, and we had a blast watching each and every one. 

To choose the scenes for this Director’s Cut, we assembled a team of 20 Uncut superusers, film experts, and Star Wars aficionados to be our panel of judges. After choosing their favorites, our awesome editors stitched it all together with the John Williams’ score. But choosing favorites was no easy task - this is the most creative bunch of fans we’ve seen yet. If you watch carefully, you’ll see that we’ve included more fans in the movie than the original 480 scenes. Our editing team, Todd Roman & Bryan Pugh, took a lot of care to make this one special, so we can’t wait for you to see it. 

We are extra excited that the Director’s Cut is posted on the official StarWars.com site and YouTube channelThat means that even more fans in the Star Wars Universe will be able to watch your amazing work. 

It’s impossible to include everyone in this cut of the movie, which is why we made this an interactive online project. All the scenes will continue to live on forever at StarWarsUncut.com.

Thank you all for your amazing work and passion. We’re not sure if we’re going to do a Jedi Uncut, but if we do, we hope you’ll be there. Special thanks to Lucasfilm and Mickey Capoferri; our producers KK Apple, Ivan Askwith, Bryan Pugh, Casey Pugh, Todd Roman, Jamie Wilkinson; and our supportive friends and family. 

Your scruffy nerf-herders, 
The Uncut Team

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Artist of the Week - Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder

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Carrie Fisher

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Here’s an undead Mark Hamill head to haunt your dreams.

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"To Take the Tarkin," Marvel Star Wars #52 (1981), by David Michelinie

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You can’t find true affection in Hollywood because everyone does the fake affection so well.
-Carrie Fisher

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